From concept design, right up to installation and activation, the job simply isn’t done until the product is operating as intended. Meeting the display marketing needs within the retail sector, our services incorporate a range of exciting products.


Industrial Design Services

Product Design

With the latest in design and production technology at our fingertips, industrial design at Product Genesis has never been this exciting. If the extensive range that Product Genesis offers does not meet your requirements, our designers transform dreams into visual concepts, creating world-class products out of mere ideas.

3D Prototype

The process of prototyping begins at the industrial design phase, in identifying the basic set of requirements, before producing the first prototype. The product is examined closely with our client, and its functionality and cost is assessed. The prototype is often redesigned and reproduced a few times before it is approved for mass production.


Whether selecting from one the Product Genesis existing products or having a specific concept designed, we run with your project to the end. Product manufacturing is completed with 100% recycled raw materials, are mass produced to the highest standards and delivered to the industry in record time.


We help you get your products where you need them to be. We deliver your assets safely and within specified time frames, ensuring your products are where you need them to be when you need them to be there. We provide an end-to-end solution, installing and testing your products to ensure they meet and exceed your requirements.


Full-Spectrum Product Design & Manufacturing Service

Starting at the moment that you dream up a new retail display concept, the Product Genesis services include:

Product Strategy – assessing what will be required of the product and how to achieve this

Industrial Design and Product Engineering – putting dreams on paper and bringing it to life with meticulous prototyping and refining

Procurement and Component Production – sourcing parts and manufacturing in-house

Product Assembly and Product Sales – proudly manufacturing your final product and preparing it for use

Distribution, Activation, and Testing – our services include fast delivery, full installation, and rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets and exceeds the original requirements specified during strategy phase.

We are passionate about what we do and I insist on and will assure you of absolute attention to detail, service excellence and integrity from our entire extended team.

Gavin Steer

Founding Director, Product Genesis

Over 50 years of Industrial Product Design

World-Class Results

We are a product design and manufacturing company based in South Africa, with a growing international footprint in marketing communication systems and industrial product design and distribution. Our name has become synonymous with creating unique solutions for our local and international clients. With over 50+ years of collective design and manufacturing experience.


We are a leading product design and manufacturing company based in South Africa, with a growing international footprint in marketing communication systems and industrial product design.



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